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Breathable and Lightweight: Try Popilush’s Latest Summer Shapewear



The heat arrives delivering energy and the power of hotter days. To make you feel good, you need to acquire some tips that can save you from that feeling of extreme heat.

Some people think it's a mission impossible, but it's not difficult to dress assertively and elegantly in the hottest season of the year. Popilush has the ideal design for all styles. You can take advantage of a new arrival shaper dress to update your wardrobe.

Popilush’s Shapewear

Do I need to care about the dress design in summer?

Yes! It is important that you avoid items with long sleeves or items that may cause a stuffy feeling on your body, as you will feel even hotter. Therefore, choose a lightweight design that allows you movement and refreshment. Also, don't forget to choose a version that adapts to your personal style.

You can also invest in a dress with wider straps to create a beautiful modern look without worrying about the heat. The halter-shaped collar is very elegant, it can give you a beautiful dress to go to a wedding or even work.

Through the shapewear mesh you can define your belly, legs and butt. This is a full-body support effect much desired by women and characteristic of a dress with shapewear.

Popilush’s Latest Summer Shapewear

The A-line shape delivers fluidity and refreshment. Your shape gains even more femininity with the frontal noise feature in the bust area, making your breasts appear fuller. High elasticity is comfortable, you can enjoy soft feeling all day long. With these same characteristics in mind, you can also opt for a version with thin, adjustable straps.

How do I combine summer fashion trends with my dresses?

In many ways. You can take advantage of the energy of the season to try all the colorful palettes you feel like. If you are going for walks during the day, you can opt for prints to make your look more informal. They can be in geometric, balls, floral and even foliage and animal versions.

But don't get hung up on your main outfit. Wear a solid color dress for more elegance and add prints to your accessories. You can use a printed scarf attached to the bag to tie your hair into a cool hairstyle or even through a head band.

Returning to dresses, adapt your version with soft fabric for different occasions. After all, you deserve to be well dressed and confident at all times. If you're going to a night party, you can wear a maxi dress with thin straps and shiny fabric that imitates satin to create perfect curves and successfully reproduce your own version of a slip dress.

Invest in something different to stand out. Versions that promote asymmetry are assertive, such as the one-shoulder detail or neckline with a different cut. A shapewear midi dress is breathable, so it leaves you free from the unwanted effects of sweat throughout the day. It is perfect for business environments or for going to university. 

Popilush’s  Breathable and Lightweight Shapewear

At night outdoor events, temperature drops can occur even in the heat. You can invest in a version with half sleeves in a fluid format to protect yourself. A square neckline is very feminine. The overlapping crotch feature allows you to go to the bathroom with ease. Furthermore, it is made from cotton fabric that frees you from the need to wear underwear. 

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